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Scott Macintire stood outside of the house at the end of Nettlewood Drive, hesitating only a few moments before pressing the doorbell. It was one of those mcmansions that had started springing up everywhere before the housing market tanked: somehow managing to look both cheap and expensive at the same time. The driveway and front lawn were filled with scattered cars and SUVs and from inside he could hear the faint, steady throb of club music. The drapes and blinds were all pulled closed but he could still make out the flash of strobing lights through the gaps. The porch was half-heartedly decorated with fake cobwebs, pumpkins and plastic skeletons.

Scott fiddled with the cardboard package he was carrying as he shifted nervously from foot to foot. The house belonged to Kim Jacobs or, more accurately, it belonged to her father. Scott wasn’t entirely sure what he did to be able to afford a place like this but the house was big enough that it became party central for the entire Junior class whenever Kim’s father was out of town on business. This year, one of those business trips happened to coincide with Halloween and that meant Kim was going to pull out all the stops tonight.

Scott shivered slightly as a gust of wind blew along the porch. The chill had come early this year and he was wearing only a light undershirt and a pair of sweatpants which were slightly too short for him. His family was the polar opposite of Kim’s, just managing to scrape against the ceiling of “lower class” and he’d been taught not to toss out clothes until they were literally falling apart. So he still had plenty of outfits from before his end-of-high-school growth spurt pushed him past six feet.

He pulled a few windblown leaves from his short, brown hair and leaned on the doorbell again. He was just starting to wonder if anyone could even hear the doorbell over the music when the door finally opened. The house’s soundproofing was pretty impressive because the music went from a quiet background throb to a pounding wall of sound as soon as the door opened.

Scott was relieved to see his friend, Troy, standing in the doorway. It was his first time at a party like this and a familiar face was a welcome sight. Troy was wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat and a pair of denim suspenders. He didn’t have a shirt on underneath and the suspender’s leggings had been hacked off to the length of short-shorts, baring plenty of brown skin. Troy was on the soccer team, giving him the build to pull off the ridiculous outfit.

“Dude,” Troy took in Scott’s clothes, “Where the fuck is your costume?”

Scott pulled the box out from under his arm and waggled it in front of Troy. “Chill, I had to pick it up on the way, I figured I’d slip into the bathroom and get it on.”

Kim liked to give her parties themes and for this one she had decided that everyone had to come in a “sexy” costume. Scott had saved a few bucks ordering online but it hadn’t gone smoothly. After several delays, the package almost went to the wrong address and then got sent to a sorting facility outside of town. Scott had to swing by after class and ended up waiting in line for half an hour to pick it up.

“Fine man, but you’ve got to hurry. Kim is fucking serious about her costume parties.” Troy shook his head. “The girl’s kicked four people out already.”

Troy ushered Scott inside and shut the door after him. Scott took the place in as Troy hurried him down a hallway. Kim hadn’t skimped on her decorations: strips of black and orange crepe paper hung from the ceiling and several “ghosts” made from helium balloons and cheesecloth bobbed about. As Troy led him down a hallway covered in faux-spiderweb, Scott spotted an entire plastic skeleton entombed in webbing.

“Bathroom’s over here.” Troy led Scott around a corner to a door discreetly tucked out of sight of the main hallway. “Get dressed.”

Scott nodded and pulled the door open, paused on the threshold and then closed the door quickly. Troy gave him a look of obvious confusion.

“Uh…” Scott felt his face heating up, “It was occupied.”

He’d only gotten a split-second peek, but it hadn’t been hard to see what was going on. A guy dressed in what must have been a ‘sexy priest’ costume (basically just a priest collar and black hot pants) had been leaning against the sink. On her knees in front of him was a girl who had put much more work into her ‘sexy devil’ costume: skin-tight crimson vinyl and matching bodypaint along with an impressive pair of curled horns glued to her forehead.

She had the priest’s cock in her mouth, leaving streaks of black lipstick along the length of his shaft as she bobbed her head up and down. The priest had been too engrossed in the blowjob to notice Scott but the devil-girl brazenly met his eyes as she swirled her tongue around the head of her partner’s cock.

“Fuck,” Troy shook his head “Hopefully they’ll finish soon.”

“ But there must be another bathroom.”

“Not on this side of the house. And if you go through the party dressed like that you’ll get your ass kicked out. Then Kim’ll kick me out for inviting you.”

Before they could continue the conversation the bathroom door opened and the devil girl came out, reapplying a layer of pitch-black lipstick. There was no hint of shame or embarrassment as she gave Troy’s outfit an appreciative look and gave Scott a saucy wink as she walked away. Both Scott and Troy watched her go, entranced by the motion of her legs and ass in the tight, red vinyl.
“Daaamn…” Troy drew the word out appreciatively. Once the girl rounded a corner he reached for the door but Scott held out a hand to stop him. Before Troy could ask any questions the door opened again and the guy in the priest outfit emerged. He jumped slightly when he saw Scott and Troy waiting outside and hurried off down the hall himself.

Troy glanced at the bathroom door, then at Scott and then

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Written by rpickman
Caricato September 9, 2020
Notes A fun Halloween story. Scott tries to save a few bucks by buying a sexy werewolf costume from a suspicious website for a Halloween party. But now the costume won't come off and he's getting more attention than expected especially from Kim, the host of the party. Things start to spiral out of control as the costume becomes more and more...real.

Contains werewolf transformation and monster sex.
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