Dirty talking with Daddy's best friend...

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His gorgeous naked body begged for her touch. Or maybe her fingers needed to touch him, she wasn’t sure. Her clit pulsed again, and she touched the towel wrapped over her. “Tonight, my love, I’m feasting on your tight, pert, beautiful ass.”
Tension wrapped her body. She hadn’t brought the subject up ever since their first weekend together. They had done every position and naughty activity in the book, but no anal yet. She pushed an invisible circle of sand down her throat.
She’d always found anal sex the most dominating way a man could take a woman. From what she’d seen in dirty movies, it could be fun with the right partner. She chewed on her lower lip, part excited part fearful.
“Trust me, Kate.”
“I do.” In spite of their age difference, he listened to her suggestions and ideas. He would never hurt her intentionally. She hugged him, and soon her towel pooled at her feet. The friction of her body against his without the water from earlier caused a state of so much arousal she almost fainted. The hair dusting his legs rubbed against her flesh, and his cock showed pretty impressive signs of alertness against her belly. He squeezed her ass, circling the buttocks, and she moaned. She trusted him with everything she had and wouldn’t stop now. God, she loved this man and everything he represented.
He picked her up and took her to his bed. She rejoiced in being in his arms, and when he eased her down on the mattress, she lifted her head and he captured her mouth into a dreamy, heart-warming kiss. “These two days were hell, Kate. I miss eating your pussy. I can’t go a whole day without fucking you.”
Agony—the best way to describe the last two days without him. She should have used them as an opportunity to wean herself off of him when the situation came and she left for Europe, but her body disagreed.
He kissed his way down, leaving trails of goose bumps wherever his lips touched. She rocked herself into his mouth, her limbs fidgety, her nipples painfully taut. “It doesn’t matter how many times I fuck you, your pussy is still so tight it’s like I’m popping your cherry all over again.”
Only now he’s about to eat my cherry. “Baby . . .” she breathed when his head disappeared between her thighs. He nipped her thigh, and she sucked in a sharp breath. With his hand, he lifted her butt so he could really feast on her slick sex. “Yes.”

Excerpt from FORBIDDEN VIRGIN by Carmen Falcone.


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Notes Kate and Graham reunited for some smexy times after being apart. Get ready for some passionate sex...
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