On Call Stud ~ Part I

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“I need to get laid,” I moaned into the phone.

“That’s easy enough. We’ll find someone, thousands of guys want to fuck Eve Brooks,” my best friend Dane said.

“And then sell the dirty details to the tabloids.”

“Not every guy will be like Dexter. There are good guys somewhere.”

“I know, you’re one but since you’re committed to Tina, you and I can’t date.” I joked, Dane was my best friend.

“Sex toys?”

“Tried them all, not a good enough substitute for a warm body.”

Dane took a deep breath. “I know a service, a discrete service.”

“A prostitute?” I sat up, surprised the idea intrigued me rather than disgusted.

“Escorts, Evie.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t interested. How do you know about such services?”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell. It’s a website, grab a pen and write this down.”

“Nuh-uh, no paper trail.” I put my phone on speaker and opened an incognito web browser page. “I’m ready.”

Dane rattled off the URL, a random series of numbers with a dot com at the end. I hoped my virus software was up to date, but my phone loaded a website that read Hon Bun’s and Stud Muffins. I clicked the latter link, with wide eyes. Call me naïve, I knew this service existed for men, but I didn’t know there were guys selling themselves.

“Eve, are you there?” Dane’s voice echoed through my empty living room.

“Yeah, you’re sure this is okay?” I scanned the screen of headshots and names.

“Yes, I know people who… it’s fine. Zero scandals.”

“You’re a lawyer, not a…”

“I fix things for my clients. Sometimes legally, sometimes it requires creativity. Eve, are you listening? I’ll hang up and let you find Mr. Tonight.”

“Uh-huh.” I barely noticed his words and my phone beeped to announce the call ended, but Dane was right, I was distracted. There were a dozen stud muffins to choose from. All were hot, muscular, and mostly young. I tapped on a few profiles, college student from the Midwest, fucking his way through university. Okay, none of them were that explicit, but they implied it.

And hello Mr. Tonight appeared as Mr. Silver Fox, staring at me with grey tinged beard and dark hair. I tapped his name at the bottom, Maverick. Rip off from a movie much? I rolled my eyes as I read his profile. Expert masseuse, experienced in tantra, and former body builder who kept himself in top physical shape.

I clicked his gallery, there were typical acting photo shots and then… oh boy, nudes. Wearing nothing but a grin, Mr. Silver Fox was erect and damn, that was a glorious penis. I clicked back a page and found the “contact Maverick” spot. There was a box for a name and phone number. Nothing more.

I typed my information, hoping Wednesday meant I’d get lucky and he’d be free, so I’d really get lucky. While I waited, I poured myself a glass of wine and flipped through the pile of scripts my agent sent over. I was a rising star, the one every film studio producer and director sought, my base needs dominating my attention was annoying.

When my phone rang, I jumped, skin prickling as it showed an unknown caller. I slid the answer button and pressed the phone to my face. “Hello?” My voice was thick and deep, as if I pretended to be someone else.

“Megan, this is Maverick. You sent your contact information.” Megan is my real first name, Eve is my middle name, and sounds more mysterious than the girl next door Megan.

“Hi, uh yes. I don’t know how this works, but I…” God, what? I’m horny, lonely? Both were true.

“You’re looking for a date,” he said smoothly.

“Exactly.” It’s amazing how easy this was.

“You sound like a lovely woman, why me?”

He meant why a paid escort. “My last boyfriend screwed me over. Big time. I’ll confess, I am famous, so my secret is out.”

“Will I recognize you?”

“I think so.” I drank from my wine glass to wash away the sand that took over my mouth.

“Okay, Megan. I’ve met other famous women. We are an upscale service. Referral only, so you didn’t find me accidentally. Tell me what you want tonight.” His voice caressed me, making my nipples harden with the underlying smoky promise of sex.

“To not feel alone,” The confession surprised me.

“The boyfriend experience, so to speak.”

“More like first date,” I guessed.

“First time we are meeting, it is a first date. Any kinks I should know?”

“No? Just straight… you know.”

“Sex, good old fashioned, kiss you, pull you down to the bed and strip your clothes off. Suck your nipples, kiss the sleek slit until you wrap your legs around my head and scream my name. Then slid into your wet depths and drive into you until you are weak with satisfaction.”

I gasped, but someone sucked the air from the room. “Uh, something like that.”

He laughed from his chest and my body hummed, ready for action. “I have three packages. Two hours, fours hours, and my most popular is the overnight. I come over, work you over good, we sleep and in the morning we do it all over again, before I cook you breakfast.”

“You’re kidding about the breakfast, right?” My laughter choked me.

“Maybe, I enjoy cooking. Most women worry less when they wake next to me if I feed them.”

“And you won’t rob me while I sleep?”

“No Megan, my job is to make you feel good. I’m good at it and I’m well paid for my efforts. Are you interested?”

“Yes,” I squeaked. I wanted what he described.

“Give me your email and I’ll send you an invoice. When it’s paid, you send your address and I drive over.”


“If you want.” It was eight, early by Hollywood standards.

“To my house?”

“I can book a hotel room, if you’d prefer.”

After months filming on location, I wanted the comforts of home. “I’ll take the overnight at my house.” I closed my eyes, as my belly swirled not with anxiety, but anticipation. When the invoice came, he wasn’t kidding about well paid, but I typed in my credit card information on the secure processor and sent payment with my exclusive address. Then I poured myself more wine and ran to

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Written by Asrai Devin
Caricato August 13, 2020
Notes Everyone knows who movie star Eve Brooks is. No one knows she's horny. She can't go have a fling, so an stud on call is the only option left.

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