Texas Stewardess Acts Out Her Exhibitionist Fantasy at a Spring Break Amateur Strip Contest

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The original story with a Lingerie and Nude pic of me is HERE: https://imgur.com/sgZeHsX


I am a proud Texas Latina and a flight attendant for a major US airline but what you wouldn't know from your flight with me is that I am also an admitted exhibitionist, addicted really. Being watched while masturbating is a sexual fantasy and exhibitionist passion that began for me in my early teens.

And truth be known, I've been an exhibitionist all my life. Even as a child, my parents could not keep clothes on me. They thought I’d outgrow it by the time I started school but that didn’t happen. When I got off the school bus, I'd run up the long drive of our Texas Hill Country ranch, go straight to my bedroom and change out of my clothes, period! Flip Flops or tennis shoes were the extent of my after-school attire whether I was doing my homework, helping my Mamma in the kitchen or her garden, or helping my Papa in his shop in the big barn.

In fact, keeping clothes on me took so much energy, that my parents eventually relented and let me go naked, inside or out, even around our two full time ranch hands. By the time my Papa hired a third worker, he just cautioned the young man to expect to see a naked girl running around. In those early days, my exhibitionism was innocent, but that changed as I matured and it became more sexualized.

When I got my dream job as a flight attendant, and after gaining the courage to act on my exhibitionist fantasies, I started taking advantage of my layovers by first masturbating for male flight attendants that I felt safe with who told me they would like to watch me. With my confidence increasing, I even stripped, one night, for my pilots on a visit to the cockpit on the long all-nighter to Europe. And then later on the layover, I serendipitously met one of those pilots in a bar, near the hotel, that was frequented by airline crew. He was a very handsome Latino man to whom I found myself very attracted.

Before I finished my glass of Tequila, I told him that what I did in the cockpit was supposed to be a segue into something more intimate. Well, it was like he read my mind because he said he would die a happy man if I'd pleasure myself in front of him. It was like we were completely in tune with each other's needs. He was a wonderful audience with a gift for sexual talk and compliments. I gave him my best nude dance and masturbation show and he, in turn, told me he’d never seen anything so naturally erotic. I make few exceptions in crossing some lines when I perform for men but that was a special night and I had more than one orgasm, and not all of them by my own hand!

So from my early airline layover experiences, I learned what men most liked and concentrated on those things. It was no surprise to me when men said they liked watching me strip from my actual stewardess uniform. But they also told me they liked the way I danced nude, which I love to do anyway, wearing just heels and, sometimes, thigh high stockings. But, mainly, I love to share my masturbation experience and I think it shows in the way I perform for men. Each orgasm I have, knowing that someone is watching, is wonderful and special.

Also, the compliments I received from men were overwhelmingly positive and only fed my seemingly insatiable appetite to share my masturbation orgasms. I liked my job as a flight attendant and always looked forward to new layovers and adventures but having what seemed like endless possibilities to act on my fantasies was like living in exhibitionist Candyland.

So as fantasies go, I eventually started looking to masturbate for strangers, that is, men that I would meet for the first time on a layover, and that first happened when I befriended a hotel bartender on a Seattle layover whose interest in me piqued when I revealed my exhibitionist fantasy to him while I sipped on a glass of fantasy releasing Tequila.

I'll never forget how it went. He had told me that I was one of the nicest and prettiest flight attendants he'd served at his bar.

"So you like flight attendants do you?" I said in a teasing way. "Is it because of the uniform?"

"For one, certainly. I admit ya'll are a turn on to me. To most men, I think."

Tequila, my exhibitionist elixir, quietly yet boldly released from my lips the words, "Have you ever had the fantasy of watching a stewardess strip from her uniform?"

I slowly raised my eyes to meet his not a foot from mine. He studied me for sincerity, said nothing, and raised his eyebrows in interest, signaling me to go on.

"Would you like to watch me? My name is Yvonne."

"Hell yes, I'd like to watch you, Yvonne. My name is Brian. It's a pleasure to meet you. Are you for real?”

I smiled and nodded.

“I don't get off until eleven. Does that work?"

"It does, Brian, and it's nice to meet you."

I wrote my room number on a napkin, signed it 'Stewardess Yvonne', and left a lipstick lips imprint on it.

I tried to pay him but he kindly comped my drinks. I left a tip on the bar and walked back to my room almost in disbelief that I was about to strip out of my uniform for a man that I'd met only an hour before. To Brian, I had said nothing about masturbating. Besides, I hoped it would make a nice surprise.

He knocked on my door a little after eleven with a gift of premium Tequila, I invited him in and he poured two glasses of Tequila for us. After a wonderful little party where I stripped from my uniform and danced naked for him, I told him I wanted to thank him for the gift of Tequila by doing something special.

He answered, and with a side of sarcasm saying, "As if watching a gorgeous flight attendant strip and dance naked isn’t enough!"

I laughed and said, "Well, thank you, but I’m asking you to indulge me in something else."

"By all means, I'm in an indulgent mood,"

I laughed again and told him to pull his chair up next to the bed

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Notes A real Texas flight attendant and addicted exhibitionist discovers an irresistible temptation on a Tampa layover and acts out her public masturbation fantasy at a Florida Spring Break Amateur Strip Contest.

It was, by far, the most men for which she had ever masturbated to orgasm.
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