Please Smell My Worn & Extremely Wet Panties

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Hi YouPorn visitor, my name is Jenny and I'm a 25 year old sexy blonde real estate agent and amateur swinger party hostess living in Southern California! If you like my real life story below then please visit my blog so you can see what I look like.....I have very big boobs, fake of course, and a very round big butt that you may want to imagine having anal sex with! And yes, I really love getting fucked in my ass just as much as I love a hard cock in my pussy.

Okay, so I need someone's advice, should I sell my worn and soaked panties to a man that reads my blog?

Let me explain....

So I just received an email from a guy named Camden that said he’s pay me for a pair of my panties that I was currently wearing; below is a portion of the email I received from Camden:

“Beautiful Jen! Love your blog and love your perfectly round ass even more! I would do ANYTHING just to rub the tip of my cock up and down the crack of your ass so I can feel how warn and tight your pink asshole must be!! Thank you for the nudes you sent me, that’s so cool that you just give them to anyone over the age of 18 years old that visits your blog and contacts you, but now that I’ve seen you without clothes on I was hoping that you would be kind enough to take off the undies that you’re currently wearing and mail them off to me and I will pay you for them if you want me to. I have a worn panty fetish, and I’d be honored to add your worn panties to my collection so I can I can smell and suck on your pussy juices.”

I’m actually kind of flattered that someone would want to buy my panties in the first place.

I’m debating if I want to sell my panties or not. But I believe in all of my readers, so I’ll take it to a vote, please let me know in the comments section, or by sending me an email, if I should sell my panties to this wonderful reader of mine or not.

Ok, if I do end up selling Camden a pair of my worn undies I’ll need to make sure that the pair I send him are sexy and not “granny panties”, so I’ve posted a few “undies” selfies of myself on my blog and would like help deciding which pair of my worn panties would be worth selling.

I can't post pictures here, but if you visit my blog link below you'll see me posing in sexy thong panties:

If you like big and round 25 year old female asses like mine then please pleasure yourself to my booty selfies and let me know in the comments section because I get so horny knowing that people like jerking off to me..that's so fucking hot..I have 2 fingers in my pussy right now just thinking about it..and it's very difficult to type with just one hand :)

Please finish reading on my blog because I'm about to cum and I want to call up my neighbors husband to come over to my condo so I can give him a blowjob and get fucked in the doggystyle position before his wife gets off from work...he has such a big cock, and I really LOVE fucking cheating married men that have a big dick that I can choke on.



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Notes 25 year old sexy blonde real estate agent with a big ass and big tits wants you to smell her extremely wet panties while looking at her nude selfies!
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