My Daddy owns me

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To Molly-
I’m disappointed in you. You are a tease. You feel like a slut and want to be bad, and then shut it down because you think it’s wrong.

You may find a guy that seems perfect on paper, but you will never be faithful to him. You will always be a slut that loves cock and attention. You will always be a nasty girl obsessed with your secret whore past.

You can’t get rid of your fantasy to have all your holes stuffed with cock, and being used by multiple men. I always new you would keep stretching your holes. You are a slut. You are a nasty girl.

Stop being a brat and accept your fate. You will cave. It’s only a matter of when.

Daddy has posted some of your pics online. They are pics I never showed you. They are a part of Daddy's secret collection.

Admit it. It excites you to know that men are stroking their cocks looking at you. They see you the way I do. Like a slut that needs to be used.

Daddy’s tired of waiting. I’ve shown your pics to some of My friends and we want to gang fuck you. It’s what you deserve.

If you think I stopped owning you, you are a fucking fool. Daddy's taking you back. It’s time for you to embrace your darkness again.


You won’t be satisfied with a man that doesn’t see what a nasty cum whore you are.

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Written by mjmjglittergal801
Caricato April 21, 2020
Notes I met my Daddy on Craigslist and he promptly trained me into a prostitute and escort. Eventually I became a stripper trying to get away from him but alas I am his whore and he owns my holes and can sell them to any man however he wishes. I love to take hot loads from strangers to make my daddy proud of his nasty slut.
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